300 Challenge Meal Plan Advice

Food. I love food. Period. I have altered my diet drastically and it HAS helped, but let me tell ya…that McD’s is just CALLING my name.

Finnster – There are many different meal plans out there. I was at camp with Tony this summer and I learn of 3 types I was unaware of. The 50/50 where half our meals are healthy and clean, half not so much. The 15/21 meal plan where all your snacks are healthy but 7 meals aren’t the other 15 are healthy and good. Then the 90/10, 90 clean, 10 bad (that’s where Tony is) And the MDB Man Himself (Mark Briggs (Mark, Tony told us this at camp)) is at like 98/2 maybe even 100.

Point is we are all human, we all have vices. You have to find what works for you and by the looks of things you are doing well. The other thing you may be interested in reading is the Abs Diet for Men. It just does a really nice job of breaking down why we eat the things we eat and why they are good for us and also gives you very good simple, delicious meals to follow.



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