300 Challenge Rules

Here are the rules for the 300 Challenge:

1) You have to tell us what program you plan on doing over the next 90 days so we can help keep you focused and driven.

2) Post 0, 30, 60 and Halloween pictures with stats so we can all track each others progress.

3) Maybe most important, what are you weaknesses? A strong Spartan team takes each others weakness and turns them into strengths. Don’t hide from them, be honest and we’ll help each other. My weakness is commitment, that’s why I started this thread. I need people to help me as much as I need to help others.

4) Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Buying the costume, making the costume, working out, watching 300, pictures of 300, pictures of anything that will motivte you.

5) Quotes. Movie quotes, inspirational quotes, sayings that just get ou jazzed up and ready for action. Whatever, keep them coming.

That’s pretty much it. Have fun, get healthy and crush play.

August 6 is when I’ll post my pictures and have my stats up. Later folks, I’m late for work again.


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