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Thanks for finding this site and finding this blog.  This is not a place where you will find a free nutrition guide but it is a place where you will find free advice and P90X Tips that helped me to understand the P90X nutrition guide and get the results I was after.

The very first time I did P90X, I had a hard time comprehending the nutrition guide. It didn’t make sense to me and all of those little boxes for serving and portion sizes just confused me even more.  Granted my first go-round with P90x, I did have success but I didn’t really get ripped or leaned out like I would have wanted.  When I attended a Tony Horton Fitness Camp in NY, I was connected with other Beachbody / P90X Coaches and graduates and many had the same problem I was having.  I asked about the boxes and what they meant and how to track them.  A friend of mine gave me some real solid advice that I want to share with all of you.  “Forget about the boxes,” he told me. “Focus on hitting the ratio of protein/carbohydrates/fats” and stay around you caloric intake” as prescribe by the P90X Nutrition guide.  I was like “HOLY CRAP!  Really?!?! That’s it?”  So he recommended a few free websites that allowed you to track your nutritional intake and also give you a pie chart that broke down the ratio of Proteins/Carbs/Fats.  The free sites are Fitday and MyFitnessPal. I perfer Fitday over MyFitnessPal but I know it is a pretty good split between the two sites and P90Xers use to help track their food.

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Some of you maybe saying “I don’t want to track my food, that takes too much time.”  Bull crap, no it doesn’t.  Just create an account and start entering your food.  Also, these sites allow you to plan cause you can play with your intake.  Like if I eat this burger or pizza what happens?  You’ll see if it stays in your range or destroys it.  If you want to get ripped and achieve the results you see in the infomercials and on my site, you need to bring it during your workouts and bring it in the kitchen as well.

I know the second part (Bringing It in your Kitchen) isn’t easy so I hope this blog will help you to simplify the nutrition guide and get you your results.  Here are my pointers if you are in Phase 1 (50/30/20) or Phase 2 (40/40/20) of the P90x nutrition guide.

  1. Start your morning with a high protein breakfast.  Sky rocketing your protein in the AM will get the ratio to about 60 to 70 percent protein vs carbs or fats.  It will also keep you fuller longer and allow for some wiggle room later on during the day.  Check out this blog post for high protein breakfast ideas taken right from the P90X nutrition guide.
  2. Simplify one meal a day (breakfast or lunch) with Shakeology.  To help with the Protein to Carb ratio during Phase 1, I recommend adding an extra scoop of Whey Protein.
  3. Be cautious of the P90X Recovery Drink during Phase 1.  It is high in sugar and carbs (which your body needs to recover after a P90X workout) but it can mess up your entire ratio.  Earn this drink!
  4. Stay away from all protein bars.  Yes they have protein in them but average around 30 to 40 grams of carbohydrates which will screw up your ratios.  If you must eat a bar (I recommend the P90X protein bars) split them in half.  Eat half for a snack in the AM and the other half for a snack in the after noon.
  5. Track your nutrition with Fitday or MyFitnessPal.
  6. Plan for a cheat meal once a week.  You need to maintain yourself some wiggle room during your 90 days. :0)  A cheat meal allows for a couple things to happen.  First it will shock and speed up  your metabolism cause the body won’t be used to the food.  Second, allows you to still have wings and beers with your friends. And lastly it is better to take 5 steps forward and 2 steps backward vs 4 steps forward and 6 steps backwards. (I recommend reading the Abs Diet.)

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That’s it for today.  I hope these pointers and tips helped.  I plan on writing another blog tomorrow about what I recommend eating when you have a tight schedule and you are on the go.  So come back for the blog tomorrow.  Thanks for reading and if you would like to order P90X or Shakeology go ahead.  If you would like to try Shakeology before you buy, click here and learn how.  I must be your Beachbody Coach in order for you to receive a Free Sample.  If you do not have a Beachbody Coach or you are not in contact with your Coach you can create a free account or join the Club through my site and I’ll be happy to help you the best that I can to guide you to achieve results and success with your workouts.

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