Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food

I have Cardio Party tonight then I’m going out with a girl I’ve been seeing. It’s her birthday tonight but I won’t be drinking. I gave it up except for three days, (Bills v. Falcons preseason game, my birthday, and the Bills v. Cowboys Monday Night game). Maybe cut back dramatically would be better said.

Also, I went to Bill Grays, its a greasy burger and fried food place, last night with my parents. I was relly proud of myself. I ate a large garden salad w/ fat free ranch, and ordered 2 grilled chicken sandwiches on whole wheat rolls with lettuce, tomato, grilled peppers and onions, grilled mushrooms with mustard and Meat Hot sauce. I only ate one with the roll and the other roll I didn’t eat. But I was so tempted to grab an onion ring from my parents plate but I didn’t!!

Anyways, I gotta get out of here and go make some calls. TGIF


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