Life without Struggle is Fantasy

Strangest Before and After Picture EVER!!!!

The pic on the left was taken  (4/27/09, 185 lbs) just one week prior to my Pec Major Tendon rupture from my left arm while performing a 1-rep max in the bench press.  The picture to the right, currently, is me (11/01/11, 206 lbs). It’s been 2.5 years since my rupture, repair and rehab and it’s been a struggle.  But lately I have been saying, “Struggle is life.  Life without struggle is fantasy.  Struggle makes us who we are and it is that struggle that allows us to achieve great things.”

“Struggle is a lot less painful than regret.”  – Craig Holiday

I started a P90X fitness challenge group on November 14.  I will be doing the Lean rotation and in 90 days I plan on becoming the person on the left again.  Why? Because the person on the left is the person I am meant to be and not because I have abs or I am in shape.  It’s because on the left I am the happiest, the most passionate, the most enthusiastic, and the most disciplined and focused person.   The person on the left lives with purpose and passion.  That’s who I am and that’s who I will be.

If my short story of struggle resonates with you, message me TODAY, RIGHT NOW and lets find a program right for you and get you involved in a Fitness Challenge group where you will have all the positive support and encouragement to help you succeed in becoming the person who you are meant to be.

“The Joy of Discipline or the Pain of Regret?” – Tony Horton, P90X creator.

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