P90x Prep Work

P90X prep work and take the fit test.

Prep Work
Body Fat %:
Chest (inches):
Right Thigh:
Left Thigh:
Right Arm (Flexed Bicep):
Left Arm:

Do your Before Pictures.

For the Fit Test:
Take your resting heart rate
Make sure you warm up before doing the test.

Pullups – Should be able to do at least 3 if male, Females do your best
Vertical Leap – at least 5″inches for male, 3″ for female
Push ups – 15 for male, 3 for female
Toe Touch – Minimum should be able to reach 6 inches from your toes
Wall Squat – Should be able to hole wall squat for at least 1 minute
Bicep Curls – Males should be able to do 10 curls with 20lbs, 10 curls with 8lbs if Female
In & outs – Abs, should be able to do at least 25.

So while you’re waiting knock this out of the way and if you need clarification just ask.

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