P90X vs CrossFit (Rochester, NY)

I posted the pic below on my Facebook wall for some friendly chatter and fun debate.  Here are the responses I got on my wall.

(Rochester, NY) – I’m sure CrossFit is great and has it’s purpose but when it comes to walking the talk, who are you going to follow? On the left is Greg Glassman Creator of “Crossfit” in his 50’s on the right find Tony Horton Creator of P90X also in his 50’s (actually 53), which would you prefer? I thought this would lead to a fun (keep it nice) debate. :0)

Pretender vs Contender?

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    • Kevin HamiltonYou’re stating the obvious Joey!!! Great contrast!

      12 hours ago ·
    • Steven PratherI actually remember Carl taking part in the discussion the last time this was posted.

      12 hours ago ·
    • Joey Petri Interesting article: http://www.bottomlinefitness.com/tag/greg-glassman/ By the way I stole the picture and link I just share from Tim Dixon. This was then shared by Dayana Elasmar. Funny how Facebook is AWESOME!!!


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      12 hours ago · ·
    • Dayana Elasmar‎:-D

      12 hours ago ·
    • Joey PetriI wonder why Greg Glassman doesn’t have Like page…OH! That’s why. :0)

      12 hours ago · · 1
    • Steven Prather nice Article Joey Petri. I know some people who love it. The way i look at it is if gets you moving I don’t care if it’s cross fit, zumba, wii sports, or Beachbody.

      12 hours ago · · 6
    • Joey Petri I look at it differently Steven. Obviously, each his own but why are you moving to cross fit, zumba, wii or Beachbody? If it’s just to move, great they all work. But if it’s to get actual results, I’ll choose a Beachbody program every time because 1) cost, 2) effectiveness (they actually work) & 3) the community.

      12 hours ago · · 3
    • Ethan MennenI have done P90X with amazing results. Now I’m back training with the Army and they have bought into CrossFit wholeheartedly. It’s easier for larger groups. If I have enough space and proper equipment, CrossFit is great and it’s versatile. If I’m in my apartment or traveling with the basics, nothing beats P90X.

      12 hours ago · · 1
    • Annette BrownWill the true believer in their product please take your shirt off……

      11 hours ago · · 2
    • Casey BeardProduct of the product. I’m not perfect with what I do, but I do believe if you’re not a product of the product then you’re in it for the money.

      11 hours ago · · 2
    • Casey Beardand not the well-being of the people

      11 hours ago ·
    • Rachel GuglerAs much as I love some Beachbody programs, they aren’t the end all in fitness. Most of the BB programs are impossible for me to do with as much as I travel, so I have to be willing to do whatever I can for exercise.

      11 hours ago · · 1
    • Jason Young Interesting that you bring this up… This article landed in my inbox today: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/cult-crossfit?cm_mmc=DailyDoseNL-_-730864-_-11142011-_-dek

      I have a friends who do crossfit regularly and are crossfit trainers. While I am not 100% sold on it yet, I’ll admit that a couple of friends who never seemed motivated to workout are loving it. I’m encouraged to try it but like I said, I’m not sold yet. Funny enough, when I ever I have them come workout with me to Asylum they always say ‘Now, why don’t you want to do crossfit?’

      11 hours ago · · 1
    • Joey PetriHe doesn’t look much different in his early 50’s.

      11 hours ago ·
    • Larena Ann Mitchelltony horton has my vote lol

      10 hours ago ·
    • TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE ROCKS IT! 😉

      10 hours ago ·
    • Rachel Watsondrooling…

      8 hours ago ·
    • Karen Marie CrottyTony looks awesome, and I love P90X…but it really is sad that anyone would doubt what CrossFit could do for you simply because of this picture. I couldn’t care less if this creator the program gained weight. That’s him, not a testament of his program. There is no need for anyone to bash any fitness program simply because it is not Beachbody. I love my BB stuff, but I refuse to limit myself to home videos for my workouts for the rest of my life.

      6 hours ago · · 2
    • Michael Ryan here’s my two cents. Yeah it sucks the guy is out of shape and that’s not great for business. But the real issue is putting time to something. When you make anything a race, you’re extremely upping the risk of injuries. Having had a half dozen sports injury surgeries and 21 cortisone shots, i’ll speak first hand to this. One of my oldest friends and past workout partner is a Cross Fit junky so i’ve been through it. Take the timing away and you have something, but they lack anything to do with nutrition. Sorry but big box grocery doesn’t have much to fill the cart with that does the job. Life’s about balance, enjoying it and when you have an injury, you’re on the sidelines! After working with Dr Marcus Elliott from P3, the most revered doc in pro sports, he shared that the most fit pro athletes who come to his place are P90X users, stating that they are the most well rounded and least prone to injury.

      That’s a major factor!

      5 hours ago · · 1
    • David Logan SimpsonI done crossFit and to me it’s decent. I have had injuries from crossFit . I been doing p90x on and off basis. And had no injuries. The only reason I haven’t been consistent is because of my bizzarre injuries I had. I think if I was new to fitness I would chose p90x over crossFit any day of the week

      3 hours ago · · 1
    • Jeff HjelmstadI’ve got a buddy who runs a CrossFit gym and he is in Super extreme shape, ripped to the core. However, when it comes to being able to workout when it’s convenient for me, his gym just doesn’t cut it. I do P90x and Insanity as my core routines and when I “visit” his gym, there are some folks that are faster than me in getting the workout done and there are some folks that aren’t.

      3 hours ago ·
    • Ashley MillerI don’t feel limited by using home workout programs. I feel LIBERATED. My life is busy with 3 young kiddos at home with me and without Beachbody’s programs, nutrition, but most of all the opportunity to have a supportive community while I’m at home, I’d have succumbed to “mom jeans” a long time ago. Like you said, Joey, Crossfit works for someone out there, but out of the 100+ programs that Beachbody offers, there is something there not just for “someone” but for everybody and every body.

      3 hours ago · · 1
    • Jon Alloggio See this is one of the reasons why the entire beachbody community sometimes puts a bad taste in my mouth. It seems to people in beachbody that there is only one solution…BB AND NOTHING ELSE. Also Joey No offense but didnt you let yourself slide not too long ago? If i wanted to i could post that picture of you and say “gee i guess p90x really must not work”….Just sayin. Being a Trainer and having had the opportunity to work out with 100s of people has really opened my mind to what else is out there. Sure this creator of crossfit may have gotten fat, thats not because his workout isnt effective it’s because he probably stopped working out completely and let his diet slide. I’m all about do what works for you! alot of the folks I know at the gym go to the gym because they like “being at the gym” they don’t want to work out in front of their tv. I do p90x on a regular basis because I’m very busy and when i am at the gym i’m training clients, not working out. I have done a few crossfit workouts with the athletic director at the gym it is very intense then again so is insanity…so pick your poison! P

      point is do what WORKS for you and what you ENJOY doing. If it’s crossfit do crossfit if it’s p90x do p90x. I know to a BB coach crossfit must be evil and all those people need to come over to the other side lol….but as a professional Trainer who deals with people everyday as they struggle I can offer them more than maybe something they don’t want, so I see it a bit differently Joey 🙂

      2 hours ago · · 2
    • Joey PetriJonI just posted this picture for a fun and friendly debate and if you would like me to privately message you my thoughts I will.

      about an hour ago ·
    • Joey Petri Here’s how I see this picture. Not saying P90X is better than Cross Fit or any other gym out there or the other way around. Here is it simply: there is something to be said about lifestyle. And this picture is proof of lifestyle. Tony could easily sit back, relax, let his fitness and nutrition slide because he created something that he continues to get paid royalties. But he made it his lifestyle a very long time ago. It is a part of who he is and what he does. That’s my point to the picture. Not one is better than the other, simply what happens when you make something a lifestyle and you commit to that life change. Not for 90 days, but for the rest of your life. Yes, there will be ups and downs, injuries along the way, but life without struggle isn’t life. It’s fantasy. Struggle is a lot less painful than regret. And yes Jon, I have struggled. I’m not perfect. Never claimed to be, but I know when I get out of this valley there will be a peak and I’m working consistently to get achieve that again.

      about an hour ago ·
    • Jon Alloggiojoey dont get me wrong i love p90x and tony is the reason why i am where i am. i was not trying to be negative or discredit either side. clearly tony lives what he preaches thats why i look up to him the way i do. he inspired me to get my degree and also become a trainer so i can help others as he has helped me. joey you are a beast and i know u will have no problem gettin the spartan look back! your are right though lifestyle and diet is a much bigger deciding factor.

      58 minutes ago ·
    • Joey PetriMichael RyanJust read your post. Thank you for your insight man.

      54 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Petri I FOUND IT!!!!!! Here is why I don’t like CrossFit (if you know me, if I get one bad taste in my mouth, I’m done. i.e. I hate gyms. Why? Someone called me fat while I was working out at the gym) Back story, just came off of 2007 Tony Horton Fitness Camp and met Aaron Mathis who just started CrossFit and was an owner. I asked him about it and it seemed really cool and I wanted to try it. Got back to Rochester and found one in a neighboring town. This is what I emailed the owner:
    • In a message dated 10/6/2007 1:22:56 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, josephpetri writes:

      How do you go about getting involved in cross fit workouts. I have a buddy who has gotten involved with Cross Fit out in Washington and loves it. I’m just looking for some more information. If you can provide that for me out that would be great, ie where do you workout, how much does it cost, what do the workouts entail etc? I’m 27 years old, 5’11”, 185 lbs looking to expand my level of fitness. Hope to hear back from you.

      Joe Petri

      22 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Petri This was the CrossFit owner’s reply back to me:
      Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 20:51:05 EDT
      Subject: Re: Cross Fit

      Joe – just checked out your site. We may have a difference in philosophy. At the end of the day, CrossFit does not care what anyone looks like or how much they weigh… it’s all about capacity for work and aesthetics are usually a positive side effect.

      19 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Petri I removed email addresses from emails above but I didn’t know how to read the email so I asked Aaron for input because I was genuinely interested and pumped at the time trying CrossFit and how I read it at the time was a complete knock of all the hard work I achieved towards my own personal health and fitness. I didn’t want to read into his email, so I replied to Aaron asking for his thoughts:
    • Hey Aaron,
      Long time no talk. It’s Joey from camp. Sorry to bug you but I found a CrossFit in my home town and I know that’s what have done as well as P90X. Well, I sent the CrossFit Trainer an email and I recieved a first explaining what CrossFit is and how it works then I got this one. I probably shouldn’t have sent him my site but I wanted to just show him where I’ve been. Dumb. Anysway, I’m not sure how to read his second reply back to me. He pretty much insulted my path to get healthy. I don’t know how to read what he wrote. I guess what I’m really asking is are all CrossFit trainers this stupid that they would insult a potential client? I’m not sure how to reply. I typed up a reply but emails are tough to read when you don’t know someone so I dont’ want to jump the gun here so I’m just looking for an insiders opinon on this thing. Thanks man. Hope all is well.

      Joey Petri

      15 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Petri Aaron was cool and wrote back to me (I can’t believe I have these emails still): Joey,

      How goes it buddy? Good to hear from you.

      In reading what the trainer wrote, I don’t think that he was trying to be insulting. CrossFit and it’s trainers take great pride in their training, and while I doubt he meant to sound like he was making a personal attack on you, when he saw your site and “Million Dollar Body” he probably got the wrong idea. The name “Million Dollar Body” has turned a lot of people off, at first glance, that I have talked to. It implies vanity. That does not fit into the CrossFit image.

      I really don’t think he was trying to put you or your results down, I just think he may have gotten the wrong idea. Consider giving them another chance. If you do, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results. If he still treats you wrong, than he’s probably just a dick. The CrossFit gym that I’ve been going to in Portland was not only receptive to my telling him about MDB, he actually bought a copy of P90X from me, so that he could incorporate some of the exercises into his “Workout of the Day” (WOD for short).

      Anyways, I hope you get a chance to experience CrossFit brother. Take it easy, and talk to you again soon.

      Aaron Mathis

      13 minutes ago ·
    • Joey PetriSo I replied back to the guy who ran the local crossfit: Well, I’m still interested in checking out crossfit if you’ll have me. I just got an email from my buddy in Portland and he said he encoutered the same missinterpretation of what Million Dollar Body (back in 2007 before we were Team Beachbody and the Beachbody Challenge) is. At first glance it looks to be about vanity and not working hard. It’s actually quit the opposite. Anyways, like I said I would still like to come and get a trail workout on Saturday. Is it a group thing or how do they work. Thanks for getting back to me.

      10 minutes ago ·
    • Shanna de PottsI love this great Joey! I might have to use this myself and ask.

      8 minutes ago ·
    • Joey Petri I never heard back from the guy. I was still much a newbie, and like most new transformations who rediscover their health and fitness I was ready to explore other options like Jon Alloggio stated but why would you not welcome someone into your gym? 1) potential client 2) opportunity to share another philosophy vs saying we have two different philosophies and the two don’t mix. That never, ever, ever made any sense to me and still to this day I scratch my head. So great, love your CrossFit, love your Zumba (Zumba is fun), love your gym but I’m going to love my Beachbody and because it is the only place that I have encountered where people are positive, appreciative and accepting of who you are no matter if you are a CrossFit Junkie, or Zumba fanatic, or a couch potato. I have never experienced any pre-judgement in my 8 years as a Beachbody Customer, 4+ years as a Coach for the company. It’s simply been “just keep pushing play” and “do your best and forget the rest.” Love what I do and I love to share that with others. And I get paid to do what I love. WILD!! :0)

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