P90X2 60 Day Results

P90X2 60 Day Results

60 Days into P90X2 and I’m just loving this program. I still modify which is ok but I have also seen huge gains in flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance, stamina, and power. I’m down 11 lbs and I am just feeling so much like me every day.

What does that mean? Like me?

Before I committed to P90X2 our of the many many programs I could have chosen from the Beachbody Catalog, I was moody, unhappy and very lethargic. Earlier this year I was my heaviest at 220lbs. I had surgery for herniated disc in February prior to that I had suffered a Pec Major Tendon rupture that derailed me and caused me to go on a crazy roller coaster ride of Yo-Yo Dieting for about 5 years.

This past July, 2015 following the advice from some people why smarter than me, I commited to P90X2. Why P90X2? Because P90X2 is designed with the athlete in mind and a lot of the exercises are focused on strengthening the core, back and neck which is what I needed. It hasn’t been an easy 60 days. I’ve had missteps and bump in the road along the way but each day I show up. I do my best and I push forward. I committed to drinking Shakeology every day and using the full Beachbody Performance line of supplements to help me to get the best results and as you can see from the video, it all seems to be paying off.

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