Park Ave Pizza – The Gate House, Rochester, NY

I want to share this with all of you. A few months I went to this restaurant in Rochester called the Gate House. They serve wood fired pizza, wood fired wings, and burgers. The place rocks. Anyways, I tried the Park Ave: Olive oil, hummus, rosemary, goat cheese and grilled vegetables. IT ROCKED!!! Their wings alone are amazing but this pizza blew my mind. The combination of the hummus, goat cheese, and grilled veggies was amazing. So amazing when I was grocery shopping tonight it made me start to think if I could recreate it, Joey-Style.  This is a great meal of snack for phase 3 of the P90X nutrition plan (diet).

I bought Weight Watcher’s 100% Whole Wheat Pita, Tribe Red Pepper Hummus, Goat cheese and I alreay had tomato’s and zuchini that I bought at the market. I didn’t use olive oil simply b/c I forgot but it didn’t need it. I took one bit of it and I knew I had to take a picture and show it to all of you guys. It rocked!! It was so good and I just found my new favorite food to make. Rock and roll!! I’ll definitle add more veggies next time.

If I measured everything right, 1 Joey Park Ave Pita is about 197 calories.

1 Joey Park Ave Pita

2 Tbsp of Tribe Red Pepper hummus – 40 Calories

.25 cup goat cheese – 40 Calories

2 oz tomato – 10 Calories

1.5 oz Zucchini – 7 Calories

1 Weight Watchers 100% Whole Wheat Pita – 100 Calories

Total: 197 Calories

P.S. I live off of Park Ave so the name really works. 😉 😀



UPDATE: I went back to the Gate House last weekend and the Park Ave Pizza was no longer on the menu!!!! What a bummer and such a disappointment.  I loved that pizza.  At least I get to make my mini one at home now.

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