Rochester National Museum of Play

Yesterday was my middle sister’s birthday and together, we took her daughter to the Rochester Museum of Play to experience all the cool toys, books and play things they had to offer.  The Museum as a lot to offer in terms for activities and education for kids of all ages.  I am a HUGE kid at heart and have fond memories of playing with my G.I. Joe’s, He-Man, M.A.S.K., Voltron, Atari and Gen 1 Nintendo.  It is crazy to see all the things I grew up with playing placed behind glass.  It is sort of a monument to my childhood but also I feel, a key piece to a child’s development.  Play is important for so many reasons.  It helps with a child’s social skills, expands their imagination and improves motor function.  If you are ever in the Rochester area, make sure to make time for the Museum of Play.  In my best comparison, it is almost a mini-theme park that includes all your children’s favorites and probably some of your own from growing up.  You’ll walk through Sesame Street, learn to shop at a mini Wegmans, hang out with the coolest Superheros, and even climb a tree house in the No Girls Allowed” Berenstein Bears Tree House.  Check out the Museum website’s and enjoy my picture gallery.  I hope to have a YouTube video up of our day soon.


Visit the Rochester National Museum of Play

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