Achieve Your Fitness Goals While Helping Others to Achieve Theirs.

After 10 Years in the world of Fitness, I know just how hard it is to get results on your own.  Join the ranks of the Spartan Resurgence, surround yourself with people like you who are ready and willing to achieve more.  EARN YOUR SHIELD! 

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The Spartan Resurgence is an Online Fitness Accountability Group

Our mission is to find strength from one another, to join together against odds that seem too big. And together we will fight and we will win. We will help each other to unlock the greatest warrior the world has ever known.

Together, we will become Spartans.

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What SPARTANS are Saying...

Jon C

I'll start by what I like about being a Spartan, I love the fact that we have basically become a big family. No problem is too big or too little for discussion and I love that. If your down the group picks you up and when your up the group helps you focus and try just a little harder to help you reach your goals.

Jeanette M

This is my first week in the group, but I can already tell how supportive it is. And it already keeps me motivated! I also like seeing what everyone else is doing, it gives me ideas.

Brian S

​Spartan strong! Love this group! Motivating and uplifting.

Beth R

Love the education side of this group. Learning more about the human factors of health & wellness are GREAT!

I would like to say how amazing this group is in in five days how much it has changed my life in thank you all for it! I've never wanted to work harder in my life. #spartanresurgence

Jacqui W

After a week in the group, I can say I really appreciation everyone's thoughts, encouragement, and overall enthusiasm for helping each other succeed. I love seeing what others have to say and hearing that we all have similar struggles.

Emily P

I love the support and encouragement that comes with being a Spartan!

Jason O

I love being a Spartan! I love the accountability, the participation and support! I think the information shared is really helpful.

Melissa P


Defending, Protecting, and Serving the Spartan on Your Left and Right.