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Originally posted by white_lightning_1_1:
i think i am going to change my work out to P90, i dont know if i am doing something wrong, but i just dont feel much with HHA, i dont have P09X , i dont think im ready for something like that yet!!! emoticon

Hey White_Lightning,
I’m not sure of your background and experience with Tony H’s P90 or how much you have done of HHA but if you want more than what P90 has to offer but not sure you are ready for the X, look at P90 Master Series or Level 5-6 if you will. It’s a good transition to get you prepared for the X. Even Power Half Hour is a kick a$s workout when you combine it with Power 90 3-4 plus it’s less expensive then the P90MS. Any questions let me know. I’m pretty well versed in the Tony Horton Library except for Tony and the Folks and Tony and the Kids. Don’t have those.

Speaking of Tony Horton, if you guys aren’t aware this Fall (date not yet released) Tony is launching his new 10 minute trainer workouts.

Simply it is kick a$s 10 minute interval trainer. When I went to his fitness camp this summer in NY we did about 50 minutes worth. 5 different 10 minute trainers and they are a thing of beauty.

They are designed for those people who don’t have a full half hour or hour in their day to dedicate to fitness. So if you have 10 minutes in the am, put in a tape, afternoon, tape, before bed, put in a tape and push play. Hopefully they will be released before October but there hasn’t been any word.

So White_Lightning, you may like those too. I know they are on my list.

Anyways, that’s enough from me tonight.

Have a great night folks and dream about what you are going to do better tomorrow.


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