Hammer and Chisel Review – Day 9 Results and Tips | Max Hammer Strength

Hammer & Chisel Review and Results from Day 9 Max Hammer Strength led by Sagi Kalev.  In today’s workout you will do a body weight movement for 60 seconds followed by max weighted exercise for 8 reps to help you get the ripped body you always wanted.  When using max weights make sure you practice … Read more

Hammer and Chisel Results | Day 8 | Chisel Cardio | Autumn Calabrese

I’m not going to lie, this was not my favorite workout. It was hard, it was challenging. The reason why it was not my favorite is simply because I felt some of the moves, such as the dumbbell swings (aka kettle bell swings) are complex and dangerous if done incorrectly. So for a in-home workout … Read more

Hammer and Chisel Results | Day 7 | Total Body Hammer Workout | Sagi Kalev

My Day 7 Hammer and Chisel Results and Review of Total Body Hammer Workout led by Sagi Kalev.  You will sweat and you will be challenged in today’s workout.  Through what you know or what you think you know out the window because this workout will change how you traditionally lift weights. My review and … Read more

Hammer and Chisel Review | Chisel Endurance | Day 6 | Autumn Calabrese

Today was Day 6 of Beachbody’s Hammer and Chisel Workout program led by Autumn Calabrese.  On the schedule was Chisel Endurance.  I was expecting one type of workout and got something completely different that made this workout such a great surprise.  Check it out. When you order the Hammer and Chisel Challenge pack you are … Read more