Purpose Driven Life – Day 2 Poem

I am reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and I finished Day 2 a couple of days ago and I wanted to share the poem by Russell Kelfer on page 26 with all of you.  This poem has remained in my mind and heart since I read it and I hope you will … Read more

Personal Growth

I posted this today on the Team 300’s Fitness page on Facebook and wanted to share on my site also.  I asked this straw poll to the members of my team: “How many of you own Jim Rohn‘s “Art of Exceptional Living” audio cd’s? How many of you honestly can say that you work harder … Read more

Motivateing and Challenging Americans to Become Healthier

quote: The sad thing Joey is that most Americans I don’t think want to improve themselves and reading articles like these doesn’t challenge them, just gets them down on themselves. Jeff, I agree with you about how you leading by example and changing your habits will make others evaluate themselves and want to change. But … Read more