Free Nutrition Guide – P90X (PX90)

Thanks for finding this site and finding this blog.¬† This is not a place where you will find a free nutrition guide but it is a place where you will find free advice and P90X Tips that helped me to understand the P90X nutrition guide and get the results I was after. The very first … Read more

Before and After Weight Loss

This is a letter I wrote back in November 2004 to myself that started my journey with Power 90 and Beachbody. I was extremely depressed and a bit intoxicated when I wrote this. It was about 1:30am Saturday Morning and I just left my friends at the bar. I owned Power 90 for about a year and a half prior to this but never really committed as you’ll read. This was me hitting rock bottom but more importantly it was the moment I made the decision to change my life and control what I can control.

Motivateing and Challenging Americans to Become Healthier

quote: The sad thing Joey is that most Americans I don’t think want to improve themselves and reading articles like these doesn’t challenge them, just gets them down on themselves. Jeff, I agree with you about how you leading by example and changing your habits will make others evaluate themselves and want to change. But … Read more