Tony Horton should Host Sesame Street (P90X)

So I’m an avid P90Xer and Power 90 graduate. I do not have kids of my own. Recently, I have been spending a lot of time with my 16 month old niece. I’m her “Manny” for the time being. Long story short, I work from home full time and my sister needed someone to step in and watch her until she could take leave from her job.

For this past Christmas, I bought her every Sesame Street character that Playskool makes and in turn I also started to introduce her to the characters with some TV, iPhone Apps and even old episodes on Netflix.

Anyways, today after I worked out and the oxygen was racing back to my brain I started thinking about all the cool hosts that have been on Sesame St. Tony Horton is the face of health and fitness these days. P90X is more popular than ever and now with P90X2 that popularity will continue to grow. I just thought how cool it would be to start a Grass Roots push to see if we can get the letter X-man to appear on the street.

He can do lessons on good health, buy veggies at Hoopers, help Cookie cut back on the sugar, do a bunch of wacky jacks. And of course the episode would be “Brought to You by the Letter’s P and X. And the numbers 9 and 2.” Lets make this happen. :0)

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