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This is a note I posted on Facebook on July 20, 2011 dealing with my attempt at ordering the Yonanas product:

First: AWFUL EXPERIENCE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I ordered the product yesterday.  Decided to cancel because I found out that it is available at Target (save $16 in shipping).  I call to cancel and the rep tells me I cannot because it is not in their system and it will take 24 hours for it to appear then I can cancel. I already have a feeling that this isn’t a good thing.   I made the call around 5pm EST and decided to call back around 8 to see if it was in their system (nothing takes 24 hours to appear these days).  They are closed.  Their hours for customer service are from 9am to 5:30pm EST.  So now I have a real sinking feeling that the chances of cancelling are getting slimmer.

I called this morning at 9am EST to cancel even though the rep told me it wouldn’t be in their system for 24 hours (it is now a little over 12 hours). I get through and I am speaking to a rep, I explain the situation that I would like to cancel and I tried yesterday but the rep told me I couldn’t cause the order was not in their system yet yada yada.  The new rep tells me the product has already been shipped out and that I can’t cancel the order.  WHAT?!?!?  ARE YOU SERIOUS CLARK?!?!?  I wasn’t allowed to cancel yesterday after I placed the order because it wasn’t in their system but apparently the order got to the warehouse fast enough to be processed and shipped. How does that make sense?

So in order to cancel and return the product I now have to wait 3-5 business days for UPS to deliver the product so I can refuse delivery and get a refund.  I work from home so not a big deal but what if I didn’t?  I would have to return it to UPS (20 minutes away) if I didn’t catch the UPS guy.  And so what if I work from home. The last thing I want to do is wait around for the UPS man and tell him I refuse delivery and to take it back.

So anyway, I bought the product yesterday at Target and the Yonanas “ice cream” maker is sub par at best.  It is a mini food processor that predigests bananas & fruit.  To compare the banana-fruit mush to ice cream is a joke.  A full video review of this product is coming soon.  And even if this product was amazing, dealing with their customer service was awful and if the company (Healthy Foods LLC) was actually affiliated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau I would have submitted my complaint but they are not.  So simply “BUYER BEWARE”.  You are buying a remedial food processor.  And if you do decide to buy it ($49.95) just go to Target and buy it.  Save yourself the hassle of awful customer service and $16 in shipping. Go to Target.

In a nutshell the product isn’t amazing but it isn’t awful either but as you can tell, my experience with the poor customer service has put a very sour taste in my mouth for the Yonanas processor.

Joe Petri

P.S. Please read the comments below.  Yonanas has been awesome in replying to this post.  There was confusion on the policy of the customer service rep.  Yonanas addressed the issue, responded very professionally to me, they were able to stop the order from leaving the warehouse and refunded my money.  These are all great signs of a new company that will favor and side with the customer.  I will do business with them again.

In addition, I have learned that the company Healthy Foods LLC, did file to be accredited by the BBB last week but the BBB website has not been updated.  This company is only 90 days old and I’m excited to see how it grows.






Yonanas Joey – I’m sorry you had received that communication because you CAN RETURN yonanas. As a small company we have started with an outside customer service agency to help with online orders. They have been told repeatedly that they are to receive returns so I apologize that they they told you otherwise. Please email me at info@yonanas.com and I will ensure we follow up with you directly with your personal contact info to take care of this. I will address customer service as well. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!-Eileen

Joey Petri Hi Eileen, Thank you for your reply. I do like the product just very disappointed in the customer service response. I will forward you my confirmation email.
Yonanas Thanks Joey. I’m so disappointed in how you were treated. It is just not acceptable. We are trying to manage the outsourcing of customer support and I feel terrible, and will make certain it is resolved for you immediately. I look forward to your email and thank you again.-Eileen

Joey Petri just an FYI, your shipping and processing rates are really high in my opinion. I’m an Independent Rep/Coach for Beachbody LLC and Beachbody just switched their shipping from UPS to FedEx. Our customers are now receiving lower shipping rates and getting their products faster. You may want to look into the switch and bring that up because in my opinion $16 on a $50 product for shipping is extremely high which is why I recommend going to Target to pick up the product. My two cents. :0)

Yonanas Joey-thanks for the feedback. Because we are moving into retail we may opt to only sell via retail. Again, as a small company we were provided rates and have worked with what we have to start but are quickly working to improve in as many areas as possible. We are less than 90 days old. I also see a recent tweet a few minutes ago regarding Think Twice before ordering Yonanas from you. Will you please allow us the opportunity to resolve this issue for you?

Joey Petri Oh really?!?!?! WOW!!! Congrats. I did not know you were that young.

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