If you're looking to get healthy and fit in the shortest amount of time without having to break the bank, then check out my top fitness solutions that are guaranteed to help you succeed. My recommendations are proven, tested and used by me that have helped me to lose weight and keep it off.



The Spartan Resurgence is a mobile fitness accountability group. Within this group you will find strength from the other Spartans. The support will help you to stay committed and focused while you achieve your fitness goals. Together, we will WIN.



Step up and join the ranks as a Spartan Coach. Learn how becoming a coach can help you to save money, earn money and, most importantly, help to inspire and serve those around you.

"With It, or On It."

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Together, we are SPARTANS!!! I have helped coach Dads, Moms, teachers, accountants and other professionals to create a more healthy and fit lifestyle. I have over 10 years of experience coaching and mentoring those who seek change in their health and fitness.



Nothing worth doing is ever easy. There are constant challenges, setback and struggles. Results with your fitness don't happen over night. It takes consistent, persistent, and focused effort while following a proven plan that will help you to succeed and win. I provide support and accountability to help you stay committed to achieving your desired results

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Fitness is the cornerstone to creating a healthy and fit body. There are no shortcuts, no magic pills just consistent effort and hard work. Following a proven plan and program that's been tested tor produce results in imparitive. My role as your coach is to help you select the program that's right for you so you can achieve the results you seek.

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The foundation of a healthy balanced life is the food we choose to eat. I love food and over my 10 years of coaching myself and others I have learned to teach others how to prepare tasty, healthy low calories meals that fuel the body, help you lose weight, and still have the comfort we all enjoy.

Join the Resurgence. Become a Spartan.

No Retreat, no surrender. My mission is to rally others who are ready and willing to reclaim their fitness and fight back. 
Together, We will find strength from one another, to join forces against odds that seem too big to beat by ourself. Together we will fight, we will win. Together, we are Spartans!

You're Journey Starts Now

 I aim to consistently help my clients acheive lasting results and success within our Spartan Resurgence group.  Get in touch with me today and lets start planning your journey.

We Will Fight In the Shade

Challenges come to us all in many different forms.  When you are faced with difficulties that want to keep you from moving forward, will you choose to retreat or lock shields with your fellow Spartan and fight. 

"There's no room for softness... not in Sparta. No place for weakness. Only the hard and strong may call themselves Spartans. Only the hard, only the strong."

~ Dilios "300"