Hi, I'm Joe.

I teach home business owners how to attract more prospects, more leaders and create more time for what matters most to you.

My mission is to provide tips, strategies, and solutions to struggling Network Marketers by leveraging social media with traditional business building skills.

I've always had a warrior mindset. I thrive during competition. I love facing challenges and odds greater than myself. When someone tells me that I can’t do something, I rise to the challenge.  It's why I have embraced the Spartan culture.  Spartans never retreat, never surrender.  They are the greatest warriors the world has ever known.  They stand united, linked shield-to-shield, protecting the man and woman on their right and on their left. 

Earn your shield. This blog is for those warriors who want to help serve, protect, and inspire others to take action, to pick up arms and fight for their health, their fitness as well as their finances. It’s about improving your life and those around you by leading by example. “Earn Your Shield” refers to doing what is best for you, your family and for those who trust you to help achieve success and overcome odds that seem too big.

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What Our Clients & Teammates Have to Say:

 Casey Beard 

 Team Member 


I love that Joe has always been available when I needed him for advice or support during my fitness and business journey. Joe has never given up on me and I know I can always count on him for solid advice and honesty.

Traci Morrow

 Team Member 


Joe Petri is one of the best coaches I've known at explaining - in clear terms - the steps that you need to take to create success. If you're looking for a leader to help you build your business with integrity, knowledge, and passion, Joe is your guy. 

Jim Pashalidis 

 Team Member 


Joe Petri is a fantastic coach. He helps guide each individual helping them to reach their personal goals with their Network Marking business. His most valuable asset is his willingness to share his own struggles and solutions in the entrepreneur roller coaster that we all are on. I am grateful to have him as my friend and mentor for the last few years. 

Jason Olson

 Team Member 


You can always count on Joe to be open and honest about what it takes to be successful. He'll give you the steps to take to grow your business as well as overcome obstacles you may face throughout the journey as an entrepreneur. His passion and enthusiasm for helping others is contagious.

Patrick Riehlman

 Team Member 


Joe is someone who showed me what was possible in fitness and in business. In both fitness and business he leads by example with hard work, consistency, passion, and heart. If I hadn't see what Joe was able to accomplish I might still be sitting in a cubicle 30 pounds overweight. Thanks for showing me what was possible Joe!

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Work With Joe

Joe has over 10 years of experience with building a successful home business, earning multiple 6 figures-a-year and generating over a Million Dollars in total earnings with his Network Marketing Company. Joe has gone on and mentored others to help them create the life of personal freedom.  

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