Network Marketing and Social Media Confusion – Which Platform Do I Use?

Network Marketing and Social Media

The two used correctly together can be powerful tools to help you build an amazing business and create the life of your dreams.

If you are just getting started inside of your Network Marketing business the two can be very confusing especially if you are being told to utilize and build on multiple platforms.

Are you confused or overwhelmed about which Social Media Platform to use to help grow your Network Marketing Business?

Yeah?  I was too. 

When it came to Network Marketing and Social Media I was like Dug, the dog from Disney Pixar’s “Up”. 

Can you relate?

It really wasn’t until I found Attraction Marketing Formula where I really began to gain clarity.

When I first started with Social Media I used my MySpace account. 

Yep, I’m that old.  

Then it was Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkdin, YouTube and Snapchat.


Every time I went to a conference or heard someone speak on a national call, the speaker discussed how they were using a specific Social Media platform to build their business.

I became instantly distracted and believed that over there, on that platform was the hidden secret sauce.  

If I just used that platform more then I would be more successful with my Network Marketing business.

Have you ever felt like this?

Watch my Facebook LIVE video below and get 3 Tips to help you eliminate the confusion and get focused on the Social Media platform that’s best for you.

Make sure you unmute your sound. 😉

Benefits of Using Facebook to Build Your Business

If you haven’t guessed it after watching the video above, my platform of choice is Facebook.

And before you mention all negatives about Facebook that have been in the news lately let me give my reasons for using Facebook as my primary Social Media platform for building my Network Marketing Business.

Facebook Has the Largest Monthly Active Users.

As of quarter four of 2017 Facebook reported that they have 2.2 billion, yep, B as in Billion Monthly active users.

This means people who log in on a regular basis to check their news feed, inbox, and groups. 

After Facebook it’s YouTube with 1.5 Billion Active Monthly users then Instagram with only 800 Million Active Users.

Now YouTube is an entirely different animal and if you love and enjoy using Instagram to build your business and it’s working for you then continue down that path.  

But if you were like me and someone told you to start using Instagram or something else and you’re currently not, don’t start.  

Stay focused and committed to your one platform of choice. 

When Network Marketing is about expanding and growing your Network especially if you have already burned through your friends and family list, Facebook allows you to connect with more people.

Facebook LIVE and Curiosity Posts

I won’t get all technical here on the Facebook algorithm but simply did you know that Facebook will prioritize your LIVE video above all other content?

So are you using Facebook LIVE to create curiosity about your new venture with your Network Marketing company?

If yes, great!

If no, don’t over think it just start. 

Speaking of curiosity, a solid curiosity post about your product or opportunity can bring you leads for weeks if not months.  


Because if people are engaging on your post, Facebook will continue to show that post to your friends and even your friends friends who may not have seen it yet even if that post is a few days old or weeks old.

Here’s an example of my wife’s curiosity post she did on Facebook back in February, 2018.

She is still talking to 2 to 3 new people every night because people are engaging with this post and Facebook continues to show it at the top of her friends news feed.

Facebook Groups

So with so many active users on Facebook how do you find the ones looking for your product, service or opportunity?

The great thing is with Facebook you can create or join a specific interest groups that allows you to connect with people who you might not meet in your day-to-day life. 

Plus groups is a great way to build trust and add value to others by sharing tips and strategies during your journey. 

Like I said you can create your own group or join other active groups.  

If you are new I recommend the later.

I also recommend joining groups you are genuinely interested in not just ones pertaining to your Network Marketing Business. 

Facebook Messenger

I ❤ Facebook Messenger!

Are you leveraging Facebook Messenger to create authentic conversations with new friends that allow you to share you excitement?

If you’re not, I want to encourage you to start.

The Facebook Messenger app is way more than a simple text app.

It has served my business to help me:

  • organize my team by creating group chats creating motivation, inspiration, accountability and excitement inside of my team.
  • leaverage my clients by adding them to an on going chat that helps them get answers to their questions quickly by being with other active clients.
  • No more pesky 3-way Calls with Prospects, hello voice messages!!!
  • Using 3-Way Messages with prospects also frees me up from no-shows or time spent talking on the phone. 

I can seriously go on for days about Messenger so I’ll stop there.  

But I’ll be writing more about how to grow your Network Marketing Business and Social Media with Facebook Groups and Facebook Messenger in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned.

Facebook Allows Me to Leverage My Network Marketing Companies System

If you intend to build a multiple 6 figure to 7 figure business with Network Marketing it is crucial to have systems in place that duplicate.

Duplication in a nutshell means that desired results will occur without you having to be present. 

This is called system dependency. 

 Are you and your team system dependent or is your team  dependent on you? 

For me when I was running home parties I was having sales, sponsoring new reps and helping launch new reps businesses. 

What happened was that home party system was dependent on me.  

Yes. I played a 3rd party video (something that wasn’t me doing all the talking) that presented an overview of the products and opportunity.

But after I left any new rep who joined didn’t continue with the home parties.


In a nutshell, home parties are tough.  

Do they work?  


Do they duplicate?

They can.

But in a culture where the majority of people would rather get their information and shop from their mobile device instead of go to someone’s home, these meetings become a time suck for everyone involved, the rep, the host and the invited guests.

But with Facebook you can essentially take that same system and leverage the power of social media to do the work for you while you continue with your day. 

Joe Petri

Joe Petri

This FREE 10-Day Bootcamp helped me understand the power of Social Media as well focused me to pick one platform and stop being a squirrel.


Let Me Explain

Utilizing all the points that I have made about the value of Facebook, let me quickly give you an overview of how Network Marketing fundamentals can apply to the Social Media world.

You make a connection on Facebook whether it’s in an interest group, a new comment on a public post, a comment on your Facebook LIVE, or a simple friend request.  

You start a conversation via Messenger and start to build rapport with your new prospect.  If you uncover a need that your product can solve you may offer it as a solution.

From there instead of sending them a link to a video, handing them a DVD, or inviting them to a Home Party that’s two weeks away, you would instead invite them to join a secret Facebook group.

Inside the group is your companies informational video about the products and the opportunity.  

*Important Note*

I always get permission from the individual before adding someone to the group.

And I always tag them in the post with the video I want them to watch.

I schedule a time to follow up and reconnect using Messenger and if needed introduce them to my business partners and team to help answer any questions about the products or opportunity. 

This is great and a HUGE time saver because you’re not scrambling to fill up someone’s living room or make sure people remember to attend your event. 

The information will always be there so the prospect can watch on their time, not yours.

The same goes for Messenger. The prospect will reply on their time and you can follow up during the time you have set aside i.e. your Power Hour.  

The Best Part...

The system duplicates like wild fire. 

It’s easy to do.  

Anyone can do it. 

And you don’t have to be an expert cause if you need help answering questions you simply add your sponsor or upline into the group chat on Messenger.

Which totally is easier that setting up a 3-Way call that works for everyone.

What makes this super duplicatable is that it is super easy to teach. 

Home parties, coffee meetings, etc isn’t for everyone but people can learn how to effectively post, add value and create connections that are authentic.

From there it’s letting the system do the heavy lifting so once your prospect watch the info all you have to do is sort them by asking “what did you like, the product, the business or both?”  

Then invite them to buy or join your team.  

Then teach them to do the same. 

I hope that you found this article informative and helpful.

What did you take away from this article that you will put into action ASAP?


~ Joe Petri


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