Free Nutrition Guide – P90X (XP90) part 2

Thanks for finding this site and finding this blog.  This is not a place where you will find a free nutrition guide but it is a place where you will find free advice and P90X Tips that helped me to understand the P90X nutrition guide and get the results I was after.

Over the past 6 years since P90x was released, I’ve come to learn how to eat right and follow the P90X nutrition guide that fit my lifestyle and my career.  Before you read this blog check out Part 1 as I discuss in detail, tips and strategies that helped me to master the P90X Nutrition guide.

Today I’m going to share with you what Tony Horton, creator of P90X, discusses in his book, BRING IT!.  That is the importance of  creating a purpose and then a plan.  The purpose is what’s going to drive you to exercising and pushing play each day.  A strong purpose equals a strong plan.  A weak purpose and I bet P90x will be back on your shelf by the end of the week.  So figure out what your purpose is for doing P90X or other countless Beachbody programs and check out  my purpose by clicking here.

Once you have established your purpose it now comes down to the plan.  Beachbody gives you a free 90-day P90X Calendar with the program and you get a calendar with all the Beachbody programs. I highly recommend following a complete rotation with the calendar the company provided you before you just shove a DVD into the player.  If you have a free P90X , or whatever, you can access the P90X Calender by creating a Free Account Here and use the WOWY Super Gym to auto-schedule your program.

Alright, you have your purpose for getting in shape, and now you have part of a plan because you know what workout to do on each day.  Now to complete the plan (working out is about 50% of the plan) and that’s your food.  We discussed breakfast and now I want to discuss lunch. Whether, you are a student or work in the corporate setting, it is possible to eat accordingly if you plan.  Now I have done P90X when I worked in outside sales as a pharmaceutical sales rep and I did P90X when I went back to College and became a student again.  The key to my success when it came to eating right for lunch was planning.  Lets start with those in an office setting.

I hear this a lot about people who work with clients or in an office.  There is always food and not the good, quality food that gives you energy. Food that may taste and smell good but in the following half hour you’ll be in a coma looking to unbutton your top button on your pants.  Lets try to avoid those foods the best we can and how we do that is with a solid plan.

2005 - One year in as a Pharma Rep

When I first started as a Drug Rep, it was fast, quick and cheap lunches whether I was feeding my doctors or me.  There is a reason why I gained so much weight right out of college.  I would feed my clients pizza, subs, chinese food, whatever I could get that fed a lot of people and was cheap (I was on a budget).  When I started losing weight doing Power 90 and my food started to change, I also started to change what I was bringing into my doctors offices.  I went online and started to research menu items.  Believe it or not, 90% of all restaurants have nutritional information on their websites so whether you are catering an office lunch or taking out a client you can pull up the nutritional info for that restaurant and get the information you need to make an educated decision.

I would also hear this a lot from the people who I coach, “well I let my client choose where we go eat.”  Great! Do they choose what you eat on the menu?  There are always healthier options or alternatives and if you’re afraid your client is going to make fun of you cause you order a BBQ grilled chicken with a side of veggies and a house salad, my response is simply grow up and revisit your purpose.  If your purpose is strong, who cares what others think.  (I’ll save that for another topic also.)

When I committed to my purpose I started to eat better and so did my clients and the nurses and the doctors who I called on were so appreciative.  I started to have a local grocery store chain cater my lunches (Wegmans).  I could get fresh made wraps, salads, along with fresh fruit and veggie trays and my doctors loved me for it.  In fact, the nurses liked me so much (not just for the food I brought in) but they would cancel other reps lunches and book me instead so I could feed them a better, healthier option.

If you are a nurse or a doctor reading this blog and you have reps bringing you lunches, ask them for better options.  If they cannot provide alternative, healthier fair deny them access or don’t allow poor options to enter your office.  If you are a nurse or a front office staff member and you continue to get slammed with melted cheese, and sesame chicken, pack your lunch.

For purpose of full disclosure, even after I started using Wegmans more for my lunches, I was still forced to order Pizza or Chinese food from time to time. When you have an office staff of 50+ to feed and you are on a budget, sometimes, you have to bite the bullet and bring in those types of food.  It sucked for me and I know it sucked for the staff because every Rep was in the same position I was in and that was money.

As for you students, have you heard of the freshman 15?  It’s more like the Freshman 25.  You have access to more food all the time, no required P.E. class and add on all the alcohol and poor choices on the weekend and yep, you’ll be just like me when you graduate from college.  Thank God I played lacrosse during school or I would have better big fat lazy load all four years at SUNY Geneseo. (I attended two State schools outside of Rochester, NY)

What helped me the 2nd time around, when I went back to get a 2nd undergrad degree at SUNY Brockport was 1) I had a strong purpose 2) I learned about the power of the internet.  My first day at school I learned about Brockport student website and you could go to the catering section and find all the nutritional information about ever single item they served on campus.  So based on this extensive database I was able to select 10 different options that I could eat consistently while going back to school.  Use the internet to help you plan if you are eating out.

Another place that saved me was Subway and the library at Brockport.  Some of you maybe thinking to yourself, “Subway I get. But why the library?”  The library at Brockport had a microwave and because of this, I was able to bring my lunch and microwave my Lean Cuisines that I brought from home.

I’m going to write a full blog about foods I eat when I’m on the go whether it was as a pharmaceutical sales rep or a full time college student.  Bottom line is if you’re willing to do the research, and you have access to the internet via computer or smart phone, look things up online. This will strengthen your plan which will then enable you to make smarter choices, and you will be able to achieve those “As Advertised” results you see on TV.

My 90 Day P90X Transformation

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