P90X Plus Workouts

Hello Everyone!!
So glad we’re getting people into the WOWY workout group. We shold try and find a time were we can get as many of us on at one time. I wonder if there is a record for the group with the most amount of members in WOWY at one time. If not, we should try and set that record and if there isn’t let’s try and Break it. That would be awesome!!!

I want to chime in on the new P90X Plus workouts. Michele is right that there is going to be one called Kenpo Cardio which I’ve heard is freaking crazy and Brain(moviefan) said there is another one called Interval X which Tony said makes Plyometrics look like childs play. I’m not sure if there is a third. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is though.

As for the TMT (10 Minute trainers) the philosophy behind it is if you have 10 minutes in the Am do a video, afternoon, do a video, before bed do a video. You just got 30 minutes of an awesome workout in over a course of the day. Like Michelle said, we did versons of the videos at camp. How many 10 minutes workouts did we do? 4 or 5? It was awesome. Tony’s other philosophy is you can do anything for a minute and that’s how the long each excercise is. But it’s intervals. You break down that philosophy and you can do anything for 20 second. 1st 20 is low intensity. Like a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. Then next 20 you pick it up to about a 5 or 6, last 20 you are trucking, 8, 9, or 10. Tony compared the last 20 like someone is chasing you with a knife. When these hit, I know I’m investing in them to compliment P90X and if I don’t have time some time. Also, I’ll probably follow the program they give us to see for myself.

There, another rant finished. It’s 3 o’clock EST, do you know where your workout is? Time to push play.


P.S. That do-it-yourself helmet is sick!! Also, much thanks to the medival collectibles website. I’ll most likely get the Cod piece and probably the cape. There’s a cheap-o costuem out there where I can get the wrist and ankle things.

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