Power 90 Tips For Woman

I get this question a lot mainly from woman and even though I’m going to specifically talk about Power 90, this can be true for most of the Beachbody Workout programs whether it is Turbo Fire, P90X, or Brazil Butt lift.

A customer asked me this question/statement the other day: “I’m starting week 2 of Power 90 and I only lost .5 lbs last week (and I pushed play every night). I’m still excited about doing a new program but I’m also slightly frustrated that I didn’t lose more.  Why did I not lose more?”

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I heard Tony Horton share this advice when I was visiting him at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica when a woman asked him the exact same question but she had just finished Day 30.  I’m am pleased to share that information with you here today.  Here is what Tony told the woman about her eperience so far and what she can expect if she keep pushing play:

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  1. Stop weighing yourself. It really is an unhealthy addiction. Instead focus on how your feel and your energy level before and after working out. Weigh yourself only once a month and at the most two times a month.
  2. Tony said that he wishes he could have called the program, Power 90, Power 90 for Men, and Power 120 for Woman. Why the difference? Man have an unfair advantage over woman. We start with more muscle and muscle burns fat faster so we tend to see weight loss and strength gain faster in that first 30 days. Woman don’t have nearly the amount of testosterone that men have (there is a reason for that) so it takes roughly 30 days longer for woman.
  3. Woman have way more hormones than men and these hormones cause water retention.  Water weight will plays havoc on the scale. In fact it is common for woman to gain weight in their first 30 days. This is due to a bunch of things, muscle building and water retention top the charts but come day 60, if you are consistent, the weight starts to drop.
  4. Take your before pictures and your measurements. Those will be your best form of progress, not the scale. Woman tend not to see a difference in weight in their first 30 days which causes discouragement, frustration and quitting the program. Don’t quit. Take notice of the energy increase, the positive attitude you are starting to bring to those around you, as well as inches lost because your pants probably will feel loser. Most importantly look at the difference between day 0 and day 30 pictures. I know you hate what you look like in Day 0 and you don’t want to take that picture but you need to do it. It is the best measuring stick because You may not see a change in the scale but you will see in a change in your Day 30 pic.  Maybe not a huge change but you’ll see one.

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