Sick and Working Out

Hi kids,
So I was sick today. Ran 101 to 103 temp today. Achy all over and very sore. I went to that water park yesterday and the water was probably low to mid 60s and it was only 74 degrees outside, so I’m not that surprised that I got sick today. It’s just not fun when you sit around all day, sleeping and watching TV. Also, it makes it difficult to go to sleep at night. It’s 11:15 EST right now and I probably going to take some NightQuil to help sleep and knock out the remainder of this bug. Needless to say, I didn’t have the energy to do my Cardio Party and Ab Ripper today. I just didn’t want to push myself and felt rest was the best course of action. But that’s OK, I’ll just move it all back a day and won’t take a rest day till next Sunday. I hope everyone else is doing well.

DM – Greats pics

MichelleL – You’re look awesome. Keep going strong.

See everyone later,



P.S. I also didn’t get a chance to email The Beachbody Challenge about creating a WOWY group. I will tomorrow.

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