Fitness Challenge- Weekly 8/5/07

The 300 Challenge: Countdown to Glory!!

Folks awesome job getting together on this thing!! I’m excited to see all the pictures tomorrow as well. My sister is coming over and we’re going to do TJ and she’s going to take my Day 0 for me.

Couple of things before I hit the bed as a reminder:

1) I’m going to set the tone and raise the bar each week (though DragonMouse as set it pretty high with those wipers).

So my first challenge for all of you is this: Being week 1 in the 300 Challenge: Countdown to Glory, do NOT miss a single scheduled workout this week. That’s it! All you have to do this week is push play and talk to us if you aren’t feeling the motivation. Key for success: Schedule your week out tonight. Take a pen and piece of paper and map out your week, plan in your workouts and stick to the schedule.

2) My goal for this thread is to have all of you achieve your own goal but also I don’t want to lose anybody. So every Sunday I’m going to issue a challenge (like above) for the week and just take a quick roll just to make sure we are still out there. I’ve been complying everyone’s screen name on a word file when they replied to the rules. I’ve written down name, program, and what we are plesently struggling with. Accountability and commitment were big ones so I’m going to try and do my best to make sure we’re in this thing.



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