Power of Positive Thinking

Hey Judy,
Love you for stopping by. And in case some others are wondering why I asked for your weaknesses is because I believe that it is important to bring them to the surface. They are there. We all know they are but finding new agreements, new ways to look at problems (weaknesses) helps you to overcome and conquer those weaknesses. It’s not negative self talk, it is if you say “I hate pushups” or “I suck at making good food choices” (20 pushups), but if you change it a little such as Judy (cani) did with “I presently or plesently struggle with pull ups, but I’m going to do my best every day and one day that weakness will become a strength.” That’s positive self talk because you just went from can’t to will.

To quote a new friend of mine, “You’re only good at the things you do often.” This goes for everything. Positive attitude, healthy eating, pushing play, push ups, pull ups, ab crunches, flexibility, yoga.

So many of us struggle and are so quick to say “I can’t, I give up. I did well for a week or a month. I don’t need it anymore because it’s too hard” (30 more pushups)and we quit. I’ve been there but I’m getting better.

Besides the fact that we are all starting on a path to wear awesome costumes this fall. I want us to start or to continue on a path of self exploration and change.

During camp Tony Horton stressed to take the high road at all times. To do nice things not just for yourself or others but for those you don’t like. (10 more) I went to Long Island this weekend I gave a ride to a girl I went to school with who I continue to struggle with but I did it because it was the high road and old Joey would have made an excuse not to give her that ride. The things I took from camp are the things I want to bring to this thread. The feeling I got from that weekend was so powerful I don’t want to lose it. And before now I started to feel it slipping away. I want that feeling back and I want others to get a taste.

And I’ll leave you all with that.

Till tomorrow,



P.S. That’s 60 pushups.

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